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Before Nigeria sinks deeper into poverty

The World Bank’s latest Economic Update on the Nigerian economy, which indicated that the poverty rate in Nigeria could even worsen beyond what it currently is, except a new trajectory of development is followed should not be ignored by authorities in the country. The World Bank’s Economic Update also projected …

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Terrible economics of the border closure

Closing Nigeria’s borders to stop smuggling of rice and other goods into Nigeria from neighbouring West African countries is one of the most crude and retrogressive decisions and actions of the Buhari government in recent times. A rational and deep-thinking government with long term strategies of maximising Nigeria’s strengths and …

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Askia: The Pacemaker in control of DESOPADEC

By Andrew Umukoro The appointment of Snr. High Chief Askia Ogieh as the new Managing Director/CEO of the Delta State Oil Producing Development Commission (DESOPADEC) bodes well for that strategic agency, given the empowerment master’s antecedents Strategic appointments such as the MD/CEO of DESOPADEC are often a state concern for …

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59 years after, Nigeria represents poverty

Unlike the ongoing effusion of national pride in China (today) and Botswana (yesterday) that are also marking their national days, gloom, anxiety and seething discontent are pervasive among Nigerians at home and abroad on the country’s 59th anniversary. The reasons are not far-fetched: In June 2018, Nigeria grabbed the title …

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Osinbajo: Are they ‘killing’ him softly?

The sickening state of the nation’s economy is his bother. The widespread brutish stratum of insecurity is a nauseating nag on his neck. Kidnappings here, killings there will always be unsettling for a patriot like him. For Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, the anointed man of God, and the man of the …

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Weep not for Igbo

Our nation fell into the hands of political tricksters, economic swindlers and young men who wanted to be rich without working during Babangida’s reign of deceit in the mid-eighties. As government self-serving commercialisation and liberalization policy ceded ownership of thriving public enterprises to favoured members of the military junta and …

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