DESOPADEC EDFA, Chief Oghenekome, Embarks On A Thank You Tour To Wards

Executive Director, Finance and Administration, Chief Oghenekome Okpobor, on the 12th August, 2023 embarked on a thank you visit to his constituents for their unwavering support and votes in the just concluded gubernatorial elections.

This visit by Chief Okpobor is a robust acknowledgment of the trust placed in him by the community and an opportunity to reinforce his commitment to serving their interests.

At Iyede Ward 1, residents of the Ward expressed their appreciation to Chief Okpobor for the visit and his genuine efforts to connect with the people. Many voiced their belief that this gesture underscored his accessibility and his dedication to maintaining an open line of communication with his constituents.

“I believe that by stepping into the heart of our communities, we can work together to find effective solutions that address the specific needs of each Ward. This tour is not just about coming to show appreciation but also to build a strong partnership between this administration and the people we serve,” Chief Kome stated.

He also disclosed that his aim was to use the insights gained from the ward tour to inform his decision-making processes and ensure that the policies of this administration align with the aspirations of the local communities.

“Iyede is one. Before the election, you know what we passed through and I thank God you stood by me and my Boss, the Executive Governor of Delta State. To the women, the men, the youth, may God bless you all. I am your son. My appointment isn’t mine, it is for us all. To those who are probably still angry, or ashamed, don’t be angry or ashamed. We are still one, even if you didn’t support the People’s Democratic Party, we are still one Iyede. Let us all come together. We want 4peace. I am a man of peace, and that is all I want for the entire Iyede. To the Leaders of this community, I thank you. I am not a politician that forgets the people. Though I am here now, I will still come again and again,” Chief Kome said.

Addressing a crowd of enthusiastic supporters in Iyede Ward 2, Chief Okpobor said, “I am humbled by the trust you have placed in me by casting your votes for my Boss, my Oga, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori. Your support is a testament to our shared vision for a better future. I am committed to working tirelessly to honor that trust and to bring positive change to our ward.

“If you remember during the elections, I told you that if you stand by my Boss, His Excellency, the Governor, I would come back to thank you personally and that is why I am here. I am not like those politicians that would only be seen during elections. I am a politician who keeps to his promises and I am a man of my word. Don’t be scared, I am with you full time. With the way you stood by me, I am not worried because I know you would stand by me in the next elections.”

With this Ward tour, Chief Okpobor has reiterated his commitment to inclusive governance and a shared vision of progress for all, fostering strong community ties and his ongoing efforts to build a more prosperous and harmonious local environment for all residents.

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